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​With JobMatchMaster we transform the recruitment process with our revolutionary platform powered by artificial intelligence which will allow you to streamline the search process and find the ideal candidates with our AI-based talent management and profile analysis technology.
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JobMatchMaster is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the way recruiters identify and select top talent.

Our solution analyzes job descriptions and candidate profiles, optimizing the recruitment process and facilitating the identification of the ideal candidate for each position. Our mission is to provide recruiters with an efficient and effective tool that simplifies and improves their talent attraction strategies.

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Enhance your recruitment strategy and find the ideal talent

Optimize your talent search and streamline the recruiting process with our revolutionary AI.

Continuous learning and improvement

Our platform is adaptable over time, ensuring that the tool stays up to date with the latest trends and best practices in resume analysis and job description writing.

Comprehensive analysis and scoring

Analyze resumes by job descriptions, detailing skills, experience, and qualifications of the candidate, and including a compatibility score for easy comparisons

Efficiency and time savings

Focus on more important tasks by significantly reducing the time spent analyzing resumes and writing job descriptions. 

Easy integration

Easy integration with other existing HR systems and processes, facilitating quick and easy implementation.

Bias reduction

Minimize unconscious biases in the recruiting process, promoting a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Data security and privacy

Our AI tool is designed with data security and privacy in mind, complying with relevant industry regulations and standards.

Features Free Professional Business

Dedicated account manager

Priority assistance

Email support

API access for custom integrations

Custom analysis and reporting

Integration with the main formats (ATS)

AI-based competency assessment

Job Match Analysis

3 work profiles / 30 hp max.
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