Streamline resume analysis and job search with AI. Our technology focuses on optimizing the selection process, allowing efficient talent management.

By using our software, HR professionals can minimize unconscious biases and promote a diverse and inclusive work environment. In addition, the tool makes it easy to compare candidates, providing a perfect job match through resume analysis and review of skills and experience.

Our tool is constantly evolving, keeping up to date with the latest trends and best practices, thus improving the user experience.

We invite you to discover our 3 approaches


HR professionals

With our tool, recruiters will be able to:

  • Streamline and optimize the process of selection and recruitment of personnel.

  • Quickly analyze candidate resumes based on the job description using a detailed breakdown of the candidate’s skills and experience along with a compatibility score.

  • Reduce unintentional biases.


Employment Agencies

AI will be the best ally for agencies, job boards, and large companies by allowing them to:

  • Quickly and efficiently process, manage and analyze large volumes of resumes.

  • Simplify the processing of information and analysis of candidates based on the job description and assign a quantitative rating of compatibility.

  • The tool can be easily integrated with existing systems and processes, making it easy to implement in large-scale business environments.


Small companies

The tool is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies that do not have a Human Resources department. This will allow them to:​​

  • Save time and resources by efficiently managing the selection and recruitment processes.

  • Process and manage large volumes of resumes quickly and efficiently.

  • Quantitatively evaluate the adjustment of each candidate to the specifications of the call.

  • Facilitate the comparison of candidates based on pre-established criteria.

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