How it works?

At JobMatchMaster, our goal is to simplify the recruitment process for HR professionals, recruitment agencies and small and medium-sized companies. Our artificial intelligence-based platform streamlines the entire process by automating the analysis of resumes against job profile descriptions, providing detailed information about each candidate’s suitability. Learn below how our platform works in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Create the job profile description.

Create a complete description of the job profile you are looking for. This includes providing information such as: responsibilities, required qualifications and desired skills. Our platform will use this information to accurately match candidate resumes to the requirements of the position.

Step 2 – Upload resumes or receive applicants

You can then upload candidate resumes directly to our platform or share a public link or specific email address with candidates to submit their resumes. This makes it easy to collect and manage all resumes in one place, ensuring a smooth and organized recruitment process.

Step 3 – Analyze and compare resumes using AI

Our advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing techniques will analyze each resume against the provided job description, identifying key skills, qualifications and experiences. As a recruiter, you will receive detailed information about each candidate, including a suitability score and insights into their strengths and areas for improvement.

With JobMatchMaster, you can optimize the selection process, save time and resources, and ensure you find the right talent for your job openings. 

Get started today and experience the power of AI-driven recruiting.

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